How To Stop Smoking

Stop smoking hypnosisSmoking is a habit that frequently becomes an integral part of the life of a smoker. It becomes ingrained in one’s routine – there is one cigarette that you have in the morning and then after breakfast and one needs to be lighted on the way to work and the schedule goes on even when one is not consciously aware of it.

The idea of giving up smoking is something that almost all smokers consider at some point in time. It might actually be difficult to find a smoker that does not know the harm that smoking can cause. The battle therefore is more than just one of awareness.

Understand the Objective

If you want to quit smoking then you may have to realize that giving up the habit requires step by step management. There is also the need to identify the specific positives that you get from smoking. There are people who smoke from sheer boredom and then there are others that need a cigarette in their hands to relax or release tension. There are also those who start off as social smokers and then cannot kick the habit.

Create your own Game Plan

If you are able to identify the reason why you smoke, you should take specific measures to defeat the craving. If you smoke for relaxation, then substitute the craving with long deep breaths, meditation or exercise. Those who smoke out of boredom should look for a hobby that they are passionate about so that they can keep themselves fervently busy. Social smokers who find comfort in smoking in public may want to check out some counseling classes and those who just have to have a smoke after a meal should try topping the meal with a sumptuous dessert.

Get Support from Friends and Family

If you are trying to quit smoking then you can be sure that you will get all the support that you need from friends and family. Involve them in your decision and tell them to administer a nicotine test to you every week. Just to check. This might help you keep off cigarettes, especially if you do not want to lose face in front of them.

Medication Therapy to Quit Smoking

Nicotine and non-nicotine therapies can be used to ensure that the craving for smoking can be kept at a minimum in the beginning in order to help you manage the change. Nicotine replacement therapy involves the use of nicotine replacement products such as a nicotine patches or nicotine chewing gums. These products work by releasing small amounts of nicotine into the blood stream. This helps in managing the withdrawal symptoms too. The non-nicotine medications help by reducing withdrawal symptoms in a different manner. Bupropion (Zyban) and varenicline (Chantix) are two medicines that are currently being used.

Non Medication Therapies to Quit Smoking

Other ways in which people quit smoking include hypnosis, acupuncture, behavioral therapy and motivational therapy. The extent to which these remedies work is subjective and non-documented in nature.

Whether it is through medication, alternative therapies or pure will the fact is that the only manner in which you can stop smoking is by making a decision and then sticking to it. While there is no substitute for your determination to quit, a nicotine test can help you keep a check on yourself especially if you have your friends or family around helping to check on you once in a while.

Article by Anne Hamilton

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  1. stoping smoking requires a lot of patience and perserverance coz it is not easy to quit,`’