Prescription Drugs in the Media

Not sure how many of our readers are fans of the A&E show “The Glades,” but on Sunday, in a ripped-from-the-headlines move the Florida-based cop drama highlighted the Pill Mill problem that has been causing so many headaches throughout the Southeast.

The episode touched on a number of aspects of pill distribution and addiction.  Pill mills accepting cash, untracked scripts for generally absurd doses of OxyContin (160 mg!), and the elderly selling their drugs were all key parts of the drama.  (I guess I should now say:  SPOILER ALERT).

One of the most interesting things about the episode was watching Oxy addiction play out.  Addicts in withdrawal have been portrayed in TV and the movies before, but this is the first time I have personally seen an “Oxy addict” on TV.  Said addict (again, SPOILER ALERT!) seizes up during interrogation and has to be taken to the hospital, where he hallucinates and is being treated before he can enter a rehab clinic and go through medathone or suboxone treatment.  It’s the same nasty stuff we’ve seen year for years, just this time playing out with a legal drug.

I won’t ruin the whole episode, which you can still catch online at A&E’s website.  You might not believe me by this point, but I am actually not affiliated with A&E…it was just interesting to see an episode about oxy addiction play out on TV Sunday night.

Anyone else out there see it?  What did you think?