Meth use in the Workplace

The annual Drug Testing Index from Quest Diagnostics shows that the use of methamphetamines in the workplace is a large problem in Western states.  The Drug Testing Index has been published since 1988 and shows the positive test results for each drug by state for a large sampling of workplace drug tests conducted by Quest Diagnostics.

Results were recently released from over 4.5 million drug tests performed in 2010 and for the first time a detailed break down of methamphetamine positives state by state.  In 2010 the national average of methamphetamines positivity was .10% which is the same rate as 2009.  The five year trend nation wide has been in decline since 2006 when the methamphetamine positivity was .16%.

Among the 42 states purchase clomid with sufficient data to compare to the national average for positive workplace drugs tests for methamphetamine in 2010, those notably above were:

Hawaii – 410% greater than the national average
Arkansas – 280% greater than the national average
Oklahoma – 240% greater than the national average
Nevada – 180% greater than the national average
California – 140% greater than the national average
Wyoming – 130% greater than the national average
Utah – 120% greater than the national average
Arizona – 100% greater than the national average
Kansas – 80% greater than the national average

The East and Northeastern regions of the US are much lower than the national average for methamphetamine prevalence in the workforce with New York falling well below the national average.


  1. Those Percentages shock me! This is number would go down if drug testing was done in all work places. Just a thought.

  2. josh says:

    yea and i would like to see the stats for herion bc thats the new trend now adays and plus most drugys dont work are in jobs that are aware of the use just look the other way and meth is so big in drug test failure bc they make it next to impossiable for the legit working person to get medications and regular health care on a regular bisis like for instance i have add and depression and couldn’t amagiane my life with out adderall and if it was not available and meth was easier to get sure i would choice the easy and cheapest way possdiable, i sure don’t want to give away my hard earned money for a drug the is purer and cheaper rite next store don’t have to deal with a doctor are a pharmacy. saves time and money why not lol its getting to be hard to get my med’s becausec i’m self paid and they always on back order and just jacked the price to double almost and wont be surprised if they raise it again so you tell me which is worse making meth are making medication and charging so much that the client cant afford it with out having insurance and the average person don’t have it so who is the real criminal???? that is what it is and always will be bc we do as we are told and the ones in charge do as they want :)