How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System?

how long does meth stay in your system?
Meth is one of the most notorious drugs – frequently in the news, it destroys individual lives and communities due to its addictive properties.  Meth has made the cover of major magazines like Time and Newsweek more than once.  It is important for someone wanting to drug test for it to know exactly how long meth stays in the system.

This is a largely misunderstood area, and a tricky question, because drugs can be detected in different parts of the body for different lengths of time.  As our Drug Test Detection Times chart shows, the time meth is in your system varies.  It varies, first of all, because our bodies vary – weight, metabolism, and overall health are just a few of the many factors that influence how long it takes the body to process drugs.  But drugs pass out of commonly tested body fluids at different rates too.

So, for example, 72 hours (3 days) is near the end of the time frame in which meth can be detected in saliva.  It can be found as soon as 5-10 minutes after being used though.

Meth can generally be detected in urine for 3-5 days skin care after use.  2-5 hours after use the urine drug test detection period begins.  A urine Meth Test is extremely accurate (more than 99%) and FDA Approved as well.

Meth stays in your hair, however, for 90 days and longer (90 days is just the industry standard for a consumer hair drug test – labs can actually go back longer than that).  It takes about a week after use for the hair with meth traces in it to grow out of the scalp, but after that, a pair of scissors can clip the hair for a hair drug test and the meth will be found.

For all of these tests, you do not have to be a chronic user to have your use detected.  The body, and drug tests, are very sensitive and pick up even one-time use.

Meth can stay in your system for a long time.  This is just another reason to make sure that a drug as dangerous and harmful as meth stays out of your system.

You can check out our urine Meth Test here.

Drug Testing the Center of Debate in Kansas

Republican lawmakers in Kansas have come up with a proposal to screen welfare recipients for drug use.  There are a few proposals on the table, and they are not exactly new.  The Kansas House of Representatives passed a similar bill last year but the Senate of the state did not.  The lawmakers in charge of reviving such proposals are in the Senate.

One proposal would require drug testing all welfare recipients – around 44,000 people.  Another bill suggests people would only be tested if there was “reasonable cause” to believe they were using drugs.

It is perhaps a controversial issue, and the Springfield News Leader presents various perspectives in their article.  Do you agree that it would help people get jobs?  Is it an effective way of improving the quality of life among those on welfare?

A home drug test, administered by yourself or someone close to you, can be an effective way of ending drug abuse.  But is what is done at home necessarily appropriate on a federal scale?

There are lots of questions about drug testing, but no question that when used correctly it can even save lives – in situations like catching someone who has stumbled back into addiction with a hair drug test, or finding that someone is high on the job with a saliva drug test.  And these are just a few examples.

Meth Test – Your Home Drug Test Options

Meth is an extremely dangerous drug, the abuse of which has resulted in many families and individuals feeling the effects of far too many overdoses and far too many arrests. You can find out how it affects Americans state by state at the government hosted website, Meth Resources. Fortunately, you can home drug test for meth, and do so with great accuracy: for example, the urine drug test for meth is over 99% accurate.

So when it comes to choosing a meth test, how do you choose one? Which one works best for your purposes? We try to make sure people are clear on what test will work for them.

Meth Test: Urine Drug Test

This test is over 99% accurate and is very simple to use. Meth appears in urine about 2-5 hours after consumption, and can still be detected in urine for as long as 3-5 days after use. All you need for this home drug test is a urine sample and a timer. If you wish to test for meth in conjunction with other drugs, there are 4 drug and 10/10+ drug options, all of which test for meth in addition to other drugs. These tests have all been cleared by the FDA. So if you are looking for recent drug use this is the best test.

Meth Test: Saliva Drug Test

If you are looking to know if somebody is currently high, this test will tell you. As early as 10 minutes after use, this test will pick up methamphetamine in saliva. It is also really easy to use and not messy to administer. Meth can stay in saliva for up to 3 days.

Meth Test: Hair Drug Test

You may have heard about special shampoos and other things that make passing a hair drug test possible. Don’t worry – they don’t work. This test can answer your questions about long term drug use. A hair drug test requires only a small sample of hair – body or head hair (although be aware the PDT-90 test does not accept body hair; the others do) – and the sample once analyzed by the laboratory will tell you a 90 day drug history. In the case of body hair, a history of up to 5-6 months can be obtained. You have to wait for the drug to grow out from the root of the hair though – in the case of head hair, that’s about a week, in the case of body hair which grows more slowly, the time you must wait is longer.

When you have information, it should not be difficult to choose the home drug test that fits your needs. If you have any questions, please call 910-815-0209 to speak to a customer service representative or email Home Health Testing at