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Video: How to Use a Home CRP Test

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This video will show you how to prepare your blood sample to send to the laboratory for your CRP blood test which measures your C-Reactive Protein levels

In this video I am going to show you how to do the CRP Test for C-Reactive Protein.

Place card on a clean dry surface. Fill out the card with your name and date on the request form and the Advance DX100 serum separator card.

Wash hands with warm water and dry thoroughly. To increase blood flow rub your hands together for ten to fifteen seconds.

Remove the protective blue tip from the lancet. With your hand on the table, palm side up, place the tip of the lancet slightly off center on your fingertip. Hold lancet steady, press down firmly until it clicks then release.

Squeeze finger from the base upward to increase blood flow. Standing also helps the blood flow. Place blood drops in the box to the left.

The correct amount of blood is necessary. Three to four very large drops will usually be enough to reach the first line. The strip must turn red to first line, but not past the third.

Allow card to air dry for sixty minutes.

Tear open blood sample return bag at notches. Do not remove the desiccant. Insert the card into the bag and seal.

Peel the Test Request form label. Keep the top portion for your records. Place the label on the sealed blood sample return bag, then place into the pre-addressed prepaid mailing envelope. Seal and mail as soon as possible.

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