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Welcome to Home Health Testing

Home Health Testing® is one of the pioneers offering home health test kits on the Internet - we opened our first web site in 1996. Our business philosophy is simple. We offer laboratory quality FDA approved home health tests and home drug test kits at reasonable prices to the consumer. We have no hidden charges - all of the at home tests that we sell come complete and ready to use.

The Home Health Testing Customer Service Promise

Home Health Testing is a consumer-oriented business with product lines ranging from easy to use drug tests to an over 99% reliable home HIV test that is the only FDA Approved test out there. Our goal is to provide you with an accurate test both quickly and discreetly. We understand that many of the home drug test products and home health tests we sell are sensitive in nature.

We treat your personal information in the same confidential manner in which we treat our own. We never contact a customer if we can help it. We do not engage in email spam, junk mail, telephone solicitations or any other annoying "marketing techniques" so prevalent today.

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Home Drug Tests

All of the home drug test kits available from us are non-invasive and reliable and fall under one of these categories: hair drug test, urine drug test, and substance test.

A hair drug test is used to provide an in-depth drug history. A laboratory analyzes the small hair sample you take as part of your hair drug test and provides results that span 30-90 days depending on hair sample length. This is a home drug test that covers 6-7 drugs, so it is actually a marijuana drug test, a cocaine drug test, and a meth test (and more!) in one!

A urine drug test allows you to determine shorter-term drug use within 5 minutes. Our urine drug test options include a 12 panel drug test, a 4 panel drug test, and an economical urine drug test for single drugs. We have all the urine drug test options that will suit your needs. If you know exactly what drug you are looking for, you can purchase one of our individual urine drug tests, like the Vicodin Test / OxyContin Test which will help you detect any drug in the oxycodone or hydrocodone family at 98% accuracy. Or you can save money by testing for anywhere from 4-12 drugs at a time. We have many options and each product page explains the details of the test.

A substance test is a special home drug test that tells you whether a mysterious substance is an illegal drug. These tests are nearly 100% accurate, very simple to use, and employ a unique methodology that eliminates false positives. This drug test can be used on traces of illegal drugs, even ashes from an ashtray!

Visit our blog where we address issues of the day and answer your questions in the comments. You can keep up with current events related to the industry and learn about drugs and drug abuse there as well. Check out our recent articles on Spice and Four Loko, how long drugs stay in your system, and if second hand smoke shows up on our tests by jumping over to our Home Health Blog.

Alcohol Tests

Every alcohol test we sell is a non-invasive and highly sensitive home drug test that allows you to determine the testee's level of alcohol consumption. You can buy an alcohol test from us in either of two styles: breath alcohol detector or saliva alcohol detector. Both versions are very effective alcohol tests. Our Saliva Alcohol Test is also an alcohol detector that can be used to test other fluids and determine whether a can of soda for example contains alcohol.

Health Tests

If you want a health test you can find it here! We offer a variety of health tests - you can buy a home HIV test, a cholesterol test and a PSA test, among others, all of which can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Nicotine Tests

Our tobacco test, also known as a nicotine test, is a urine drug test that quickly allows you to know if a person has used tobacco in the last 2 to 4 days. It can be a great tool for a smoker trying to quit, or for a parent trying to make sure their child is not smoking. It works for businesses too - just like any other home drug test we offer, it is easy to use and very reliable. Results are available within 5 minutes.

Please keep up with us at our Home Health Blog for the best and most relevant information about health and drug testing developments and advances. And of course we welcome any questions you may have about our drug test kits or our health tests! Please just send us an email at, call us at 1-888-448-5657.