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AlcoScreen .02 Alcohol Test

  • Uses saliva to test blood alcohol levels greater than 0.02%
  • Simple to use with results in 4 minutes
  • Each test is individually wrapped in foil pack
  • Excellent Shelf Life - Current inventory expires 6/30/24
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The AlcoScreen 02 is an easy to use test to monitor alcohol consumption.

Once saliva is placed on the test strip, you wait four minutes for the test results. If a line develops on the test strip that indicates the presence of alcohol greater than .02%. Each test is individually wrapped and sealed in a foil pouch so it can be used anywhere, anytime and is safe to dispose of in the trash.

The Alco-Screen 02 Alcohol Test is a cost effective and simple way to help you maintain a zero tolerance alcohol environment by identifying alcohol consumption. With an average shelf life of 9-12 months at room temperature, you can keep these tests in stock without worrying. The simplicity and accuracy of this test makes it an excellent choice in the workplace or on the job site.

alcoscreen dot approved instructions

Instructions - AlcoScreen Alcohol Test

1. Abstain from placing anything in the mouth for fifteen (15) minutes prior to starting the test. This includes non-alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, coffee, breath mints, food, etc.

2. Open the foil package and remove the alcohol test strip. The preservative packet is not needed to perform the test and should be discarded. Observe the reactive pad on the end of the test strip. The pad should be a light cream color. A test strip with a reagent pad which has a colored line or is otherwise discolored must be discarded.

3. Saturate the reactive pad with saliva a sputum cup or by applying saliva directly to the pad. Immediately start timer. After ten seconds, shake off excess saliva.

4. At four (4) minutes observe the results on the reactive pad. Reading the results may be made easier by placing the test on a white background. The development of a distinct colored line across the reactive pad indicates the presence of alcohol greater than 0.02% BAC. Results obtained after more than five (5) minutes may be erroneous.

Frequently Asked Questions - AlcoScreen DOT Approved Alcohol Test

Q: Can the test pick up alcohol vapors in the air?

A: If alcohol vapors are in the air they can sometimes be detected by the AlcoScreen. Alcohol vapors are often present in the air in institutions and homes since they are found in many products such as disinfectants, deodorizers and glass cleaners. Follow the directions in the Troubleshooting section of Instructions if you think there are alcohol vapors present. AlcoScreen 02 Instructions