The Home Drug Test That Can Catch a College Student’s Drug of Choice

Ritalin and Adderall are two drugs that have been used extensively in the treatment of disorders like Attention Deficit Disorder also known as ADD. These drugs are an integral part of a treatment program that includes psychological, educational and social measures.

College students can and do temporarily increase concentration levels by taking these analeptics that stimulate the central nervous system during exams or otherwise (regardless of whether they have a prescription for the medication). An estimated 20 percent of college students have turned to this method of staying focused. One of the best ways in which the use of these drugs can be abated is by using a home drug test.

It is hypothesized that teenagers fake ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) to obtain a prescription for the drugs. This allows them access to the drug which is otherwise not sold over the counter. They also can obtain these drugs through a black market trade amongst peers.

Fortunately for parents, Adderall can be tested by a home drug test. A test for amphetamines will cover Adderall, as well as other amphetamines you might be concerned about. If you believe your child is using “uppers” then this is the type of test that will address your concern.

The Adderall drug test allows parents to have much better control over their children with regards to their medication. Children who have been prescribed the drug need to take it at regular intervals as per their doctor. If the child is not taking the drug any longer an amphetamines drug test can establish that, which may also mean the child has been distributing the drug to peers.

The Adderall  drug test is also extremely easy to read. If the home drug test for either prescription drug is positive a line will appear in the “control” region to indicate that the test was successful. There will in the case of a positive result be NO line in the “test” area. A negative home drug test result is obtained when there are two lines – one in the “control” area and one in the “test” area.

A simple urine sample is required for the test and therefore you may have to be careful about the manner in which you collect the sample and the authenticity of the same.

Ascertaining whether your child is dependent on these prescription drugs is important. You do not want your child to become dependent on crutches like drugs and chemicals to succeed in life. In addition to that a Adderall drug test can keep your child from consuming these drugs, which can cause medical problems and in the most tragic cases death.

–  Anne Hamilton