How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System?

how long does meth stay in your system?
Meth is one of the most notorious drugs – frequently in the news, it destroys individual lives and communities due to its addictive properties.  Meth has made the cover of major magazines like Time and Newsweek more than once.  It is important for someone wanting to drug test for it to know exactly how long meth stays in the system.

This is a largely misunderstood area, and a tricky question, because drugs can be detected in different parts of the body for different lengths of time.  As our Drug Test Detection Times chart shows, the time meth is in your system varies.  It varies, first of all, because our bodies vary – weight, metabolism, and overall health are just a few of the many factors that influence how long it takes the body to process drugs.  But drugs pass out of commonly tested body fluids at different rates too.

So, for example, 72 hours (3 days) is near the end of the time frame in which meth can be detected in saliva.  It can be found as soon as 5-10 minutes after being used though.

Meth can generally be detected in urine for 3-5 days skin care after use.  2-5 hours after use the urine drug test detection period begins.  A urine Meth Test is extremely accurate (more than 99%) and FDA Approved as well.

Meth stays in your hair, however, for 90 days and longer (90 days is just the industry standard for a consumer hair drug test – labs can actually go back longer than that).  It takes about a week after use for the hair with meth traces in it to grow out of the scalp, but after that, a pair of scissors can clip the hair for a hair drug test and the meth will be found.

For all of these tests, you do not have to be a chronic user to have your use detected.  The body, and drug tests, are very sensitive and pick up even one-time use.

Meth can stay in your system for a long time.  This is just another reason to make sure that a drug as dangerous and harmful as meth stays out of your system.

You can check out our urine Meth Test here.


  1. Phillip Whisenant says:

    I was just wondering. I usually test + at 7-9 days. Could this be to weight,height, etc..?

  2. michelle says:

    how long will it be in my system if I did it for the first time around 5 today and havent touched it again

  3. tweekerssuck says:

    Michelle you’re stupid put down the meth don’t ever touch it again it will ruin your life. My ex-wife 10 years later is still doing that stuff she just gave birth to a baby who was 6 weeks premature 2 thumbs on 1 hand in cps is taking her baby away. The baby tested positive for meth too…..

  4. bonnie says:

    Michelle, please get help. One use is all it takes to be addicted.

  5. admin says:

    Hi Michelle,

    The detection times for meth can be viewed here: Drug Test Detection Times. It also depends on your dosage, metabolism, etc. More info on meth in particular can be found here (although it is not directly related to any of our products nor necessarily related to other testing products used by businesses or on the market; it’s just general info):

    I agree with our other commenter, I hope this was the first and last time you used meth. It is a very serious drug. Please take care and be safe.


  6. Lindsay Kay says:

    Wow, people are so stuck on the stereo type!!! I’ve been doing it for 3 years now and guess how i am? perfectly fine, thanks. I dont look “meth head skinny”, and i graduated from college with a B average, i have a job to afford rent and anything else i want/need.. you just have to be responsible with it, and the ones who werent are the people they ^ are thinking about. Ever heard the phrase “dont dis it unless you try it”..
    yeah how about we stick to that, you guys above havent tried it so stfu, thanks. 🙂 just be responsible with it michelle. 🙂

  7. Aleah says:

    Hey I’m 15 years old and have been doing meth for the past few days. I don’t know wether I should talk to my parents about it or what. I’m really scared cause I’m starting to become dependent on it. I never knew it would be so addicting I though it was just fun and games. Anyways please help.

  8. admin says:

    Lindsay Kay’s comment was posted in the spirit of discussion, but I do think it is remarkably bad advice. With all the known health risks and possibility of addiction, we would never, ever recommend anyone try methamphetamine – ever. – Robyn.

  9. admin says:

    Hi Aleah,

    While we cannot offer any definitive advice on the question we recommend you talk your parents, or to a counselor at school or call a hotline, like one of those here ( We hope you will talk to somebody. Thanks and good luck.


  10. ashley h says:

    Heyy aleah, my name is ashley and i am 16 years old. My father has been on meth my whole life and he says its very hard to quit. I hope meth doesnt ruin your life like it has ruined his. You are 15 years old and you and i have a whole life to live. Dance a lot, laugh a lot, and live your life to the fullest. No matter how “bad” or “sucky” your life is things will get better. A rain storm is always followed by a rainbow 🙂 it is not worth hurting yourself or your family over, im pretty sure they love and care about you a lot. Please dont shorten your life span over a stupid drug. I have been struggling with my fathers addiction since i was around 7 years old, so not only does it effect you but it effects everyone around you. Love, ashley

  11. nickie says:

    aleah, oh my…okay i tried it too and that happens to me..and i crave it for a couple days after….dont be in denial about it, and dont be niave that “it wont happen to you”….just stay away from it…if you want the help and are asking for then your body is dependant but your mind is comfortable with the idea of being and addict…coming from an ex addict…it will start taking things away from you slowly not just ur health…go get that help or talk you need, i know those kids are your “freinds” but even i had to give up mine…tommorrow is 6th months for my freind passing away and thats whatit took me to quit….you dont want that i promise…then those “freinds” arent around and ur still an addict…what then? hope everything works out for you im in college now, enrolled the next day and having everything coming back to me slowly, keep ur head up, where theres a will theres a way:)

    p.s. you asking that question takes will…so i actually believes everything will work out for you if you put this much effort into it:)

  12. nickie says:

    p.s. the longer your away form it…ur want WILL go back to normal…dependancy is very strong the first two weeks still even if your new to the experience….so just wait out the the want and yo will want normal kid things:) not meth

  13. Sandy says:

    Michelle, meth is a wicked and dangerous drug. I worked in a rehab in the detox department and alot of people coming off of meth have psychotic episodes while detoxing. Many of them are never the same again. God bless you sweetie!

  14. Frank says:

    It’s a drug that destroys your body and will destroy those around you too. Things you once cared about… family, friends, hobbies, anything good in your life will be a memory because it robs it from you. You’ll be nothing but dependent on using and finding means to get more. It dosent give a fuk about you. You’ll end up dead, in jail, or institutionalized. Had almost 120 days clean… was in the best shape of my life. Worked out religously everyday. Trained and ate only good stuff everyday. Was committed to my health. It was a way of life for me. Had regained some trust of my family. Met new friends that actually cared about me. Was doing all the right things to stay clean and do best by me. Until that one moment when meth presented itself to me and I made the choice to pick up and use. Within 3 short weeks I had lost everything I had worked so hard for. I lost myself. I still ate right when I was using but still lost 40 pounds in one month. The drug takes away your ability to say no to it. And it eats away at you physically and mentally so fast you wont have time to blink. That one moment I want back so bad. Now I’m back where I started. And I hate me for it….But I have to live with it and move on….again. And I will. Not everyone has that choice with this drug. I spent three days in a hospital this time. Lucky i’m even here today with one day clean. Cause so many don’t make it. It’s poison. Be stronger than I was. Say no. Call somebody before you decide to use. The feeling you get from putting your trust in you and someone else to help you through it is much more gratifying than literally killing yourself slowly with this stuff.

  15. ERIN says:

    Is there a contact high if someone smokes it near you?

  16. Elektra says:

    Hey Aleah, @ ur post, My bff, angey, got on crystal back when we were in high school, due to the fact that back then, raves were really popular, and we were around a lot of people who had it free…if ur a girl, you will have no prob getting stuff free cuz guys want you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do in order to get more of the drug. Other side effects of meth you might not know happen almost 100% of the time: Tooth loss before the age of 24, Long term tooth loss (chronic “meth mouth”), you ‘ll lose all your hair, and could go completely or partially bald, and have to wear a wig. (that happened to my best friend I mentioned.) she has been off it for at least 10 years and she still has no hair…wears wigs. It changed her personality sooo badly that she is SEVERELY BIPOLAR to the point that she now cannot funtion in life. She has no job, she got herpes while on meth…her boyfriend (they had a child too,) now has herpes too. She is damaged in her brain, chemically. That is why she will always be BIPOLAR!! It will make you look like you are 50 at the age of 30 or younger. Take a look online at some pics of “meth mouth” and “meth aging”. google those terms or go to some site like that will tell you everything you need to know. Please, for the sake of your entire life. quit now! I got snorted heroin for a week before I realized I might be getting addicted ( i was 16 or 17.) I decided to get off quickly because I had to take the SAT n ACT in a week! so, I stopped, and did well enough on the tests to get a three year full scholarship to a large SEC school (just the college I wanted, and got into a sorority of my choice.) I turned over a new leaf, but had more issues in my twenties after graduating with opiate addiction. It’s a lifelong struggle. I am going to the methadone clinic now, weekly. but, I’ve done my share of that stuff too. I understand…quit now like I did… you want to stay pretty and smart. 1.make life goals, short term and long term 2. i’ve been sober now for 3-4 years but it takes all my strength combined w my husbands too. good luck, God be with you girl.

  17. Guy Fawkes says:

    I did it literally once. last night for the first and only time. i’m feeling the addictive qualities but am in a situation where i can actually cope with it. i didnt hit it multiple times just one night, i literally only puffed one time, and regretted it from the moment. No matter how bad i might start to feel as a worse case scenario, The extreme disappointment i feel in myself is enough to make sure i never do it again. a bad choice is a bad choice, as long as it doesnt become a repeat choice. I regret it worse than almost anything else in my life. The slight pro’s i felt, the good feelings lasted for about an hour, and then i couldnt sleep for 12 hours, when i was physically exhausted. and the cons far outweight the pros. If someone really wanted to, they could just go without it, its really not that good.

    I’ve determined if i start feeling like i cant handle anything that comes from the one use, i will turn myself in and get help. I WILL NOT become hooked on dope of all things. The singlemost retarded decision i’ve made in my life, bar none.

  18. Lindsay Kay says:

    Be responsible and have self control!
    If you can stop doing it without talking to youre parents, i would suggest that, but if you think you need help that bad, then talk to them, or a school drug and alcohol counselor. Just tell them you tried it, and you just kept going, and want help to get off. if you admit your mistake, theyll understand… usually.

  19. Confused says:

    I need help. I dont know how… but Meth is in my system. I have never touched a meth pipe or ever tweaked. I was a crackhead. I have smoked a LOT of that evil white rock… but I havent smoked in a while… and it didnt even come up on the drug test… Meth did! Why did I come up positive for that s***when I havent ever touched it?

  20. BadThomas says:

    I actually think you are all a bunch of idiots and morons.Why try drugs at all,just to be cool or to impress your freinds.STUPID!!!There is nothing cool or hot about doing drugs or being around people that do.STOP.I have been a herion addict for 20 years and i`ll die a herion addict this is my fate!AA NA cant help me church cant help me.It was the choice I made when young that over ran my life…From what I see most of you are young or just experamenting.STOP!Forget the freinds that wanna get high and leave it alone,your better off alone then around people that want you to get high.Be something in life.Dont be a part of this countrys plan to ruin the family relationship by making drugs,homosexuality and interracial relationships look cool.It`s not.Be your self anyone can be what they want,but if you let the drugs take over and influance you,never will you be anything but a junkie.Belive me I know first hand.Worst mistake of my life,I cannot take it back I only hope one of you that has experamented has enough common sense and willpower to realize it`s not worth it.

  21. joe says:

    hey erin its like a cigarette and second hand smoke sooner or later you will want to take a hit and its over so stay away and dont find out for yourself if your around someone that smokes it you will to sooner or later

  22. aftermeth says:

    how long does meth stay in your blood if you’ve been injecting it pretty frequently?

  23. Kkitty says:

    5 days if you drink lots of water and move around. Plus it all depends on how much n how long you been using. Five days is what it use to take for me when I used everyday. I gave it up and thank god don’t have to go through that hell anymore.

  24. rer says:

    Hey I have never used meth what other meds can have methanphetamines in it? So now my name and my character has been determented What can I do? This efin sucks I have never done that sh*t.

  25. ChrisJ says:

    i have only tried it once with someone i called a friend until after that one time use.. i hit tit once due to impressing a “friend” i am on probation and would like to know how long does it actually stay in the system? reason being im due for a drug test in two weeks and am dying to know?…. PLPEASE HELP!!!!!….

  26. admin says:

    Hi ChrisJ,

    Our drug test detection times chart should help you figure out how long meth stays in your system.


  27. Mike says:

    yea im 17 years old and i have smoked meth and snorthed it and im not addicted at all i did stop and yes im around people all day so yea everyone u can stop anytime u want too like u can with any drug i smoke weed too and i stopped that but i still do it because it helps be relx and clam down and yes i have done every drug just to try it but what i think weed is the best drug to do bc if god made it as a plant then its save thanks for reading this MIKE.

  28. Mar says:

    To all you people writing on this page, we would not even be here if we did not all share a common factor. I am 47 an ex Playboy Bunny and sober from meth for 18 years. Fortunately I was about 26 when I tried meth after moving to California from the east coast. I didn’t even know what it really was. I did it for about a year (snorting) and continued to function with work and keep my looks and modeling up. After realizing my shame and sad truth that I was addicted, I moved back to the east coast. I made new friends and ending up keeping my looks and marrying very well. This is one of the very few fortunate stories you will here about how this addiction ends. At 47 I still have my looks, my teeth, my figure and health. I still think about what I would do if METH ever crossed my path and nobody knew but me if I did just a little bit. I know how addictive it is!!!! You all have a chance right now.
    I am sharing this very personal story with strangers to hopefully help at least one of you beautiful young women out there. I almost lost my precious family, integrity and looks. The people I knew that continued to use (which is all of them) look like street people and speak with the inteligance of a retarded child with scabs on there worn out faces.

  29. rebecca says:

    Hi, all. i have read all of the messages above, i know that meth is severely addictive. i remember how i was a normal girl throughout junior and senior school just tried to drink. Things got extremely catastrophic just this year. ever since my parents got divorced ive always hated the notion of ‘marriage’ so i never took my relationship seriously until i met this guy who ive dated for 2 years.he made me believe again in what we call’marriage and love’ and so i loved him so much.but he cheated on me 15 times,i forgave him he impregnated me but then i paid my own abortion,i didnt tell my parents. he left me three weeks later and now engaged to the girl he cheated me with.ever since what happened i couldnt sleep because ive become scizoprenic i see babies at night, people who dont exist and stuff. i got drunk every single night, i partied, i took drugs (literally everything, heroin, cocaine, meth, special k, xanax, dumolid, morphine, mdma, weed, acid u name it),i slept with more than 5 guys in one night, and now in total perhaps it has reached 25 guys. i was 55 kg, now im 42 kg, im bipolar too. my mood swing is extremely bad, i jumped off the third floor almost broke my hand, cut myself, made a tattoo, pierced myself, and i went to doctor and she said i might have cervix cancer, then i foguht with people in a club. surprisingly, i still can go to uni and finish my subjects. that was the life i endured. just recently, my mom caught me sleeping with someone, and so she took my phone and read all the things ive done, the photos of me doing things, the police came over. my parents cried so bad, so did i, they blamed themselves and assumed that its their failure, i was feeling guilty, too guilty. they now know everything, they still try to help me out and im thankful for that. ive spent so much of their cash to get something undesirable and i regret it. whats more depressing is that, in my town, im the number two police operation target.. i want to change, i want to be healthy to be happy like everyone else. i cant bear to see my family suffer because of what i did. but my bipolarity and depression still get me everytime, im now currently grounded and it felt weird not going out, i know its the consequences… but how do i deal with the depression? and sorry if im off topic, but i just feel the need to share because my phone is taken away and i cant really speak to anyone apart from that i might go to rehab.. and a message to all of you to stop doing whatever is illegal..i know we are young, we can party and all but know your limit..

  30. aztbel77 says:

    i just smoke some meth this morning tomorrow i got a job interview dfim afraid they would test me tomorrow what cazn ido to pass that test..if its possible…ill apreciate any help…

  31. Bryan says:

    Ummm awhile back I tried Meth for the first time and didnt really feel shit, so i decided to try it again but this time i went into zombie mode! Like i was gacked out for 4 whole days without sleep and food. i was beggining to halucinate and it was a trip. but after i finally fell asleep and woke up, I felt so sick and terrible, that i could never think about trying it again. I immeadiatly quit that shit forever but now ive gotten into some trouble and i think im going to get piss tested, i smoked about 4 weeks ago, you guys think im in the Clear or what? cus ive been to jail and i dont wanna go back again…

  32. Wayne Larry says:

    Hello —

    I have been a regular meth user until few months ago I have been referred to mental health institute. Granted, the effect is addictive and does make you feel good – but, it doesn’t last forever. People always look for the same “great” feeling effect by increasing the dose of meth. But, folks – this great feeling doesn’t last, in matter of fact, it would be only one time, and once ever! That’s why many people are addictive to it because they were trying to get the same effect, but it doesn’t exist anymore after uses.

    It took me hell and painful journey to recover from it. What I meant by painful journey is not meth use itself, but, how it have made impacts on your life. It is the ‘sense of reality’, when you wake up seeing how you have lost friends, job (I lost job three times), self-image and sense of self-esteem. You will not see it when you are on it, but you will be awaken up by that AFTER you stop using it.

    I was an user for three years…I am begging to everybody…do not touch meth. If you just need ‘escape feeling’, go with something else like drinking or weed AND GET HELP. Dont even think about going on meth, I beg you all.


  33. Rose says:

    METH WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE! I know this because I used Meth for about 3 years, and I have to say it is so not worth it. It breaks up familys and relionships. It is the hardest drug to get off of. It will change you and make you a person your not, and not to mention it is expensive! I was always broke when I did it. I did it because I thought it was letting me escape my problems. I was wrong about that! My problems never went away. Meth just made my problems worse. You will never get anywhere in life on meth. I was addicited to it the first time I tried it. I’m so happy I’m not on meth anymore. My life has been so good without it. I know how hard it is to quit, but if you really want to you can! The best thing to do is never try it!

  34. simply me says:

    my question is it stays in your saliva for 72hours. can someone taste it when you kiss them? and if you kiss them can you pass it on to them with your saliva? because my bf has a great job and im afraid that since he doesnt know i do it and he gets drug tested because of me he will get fired. if he gets drug tested in pee will it show since i kissed him?

  35. mary thomas says:

    The meth users know that it will kill them maybe the first time. Life is beautiful without drugs, there is no future with drug abuse for anyone.

  36. Laura says:

    To all those that have tried meth for the 1st time bad news it will kill you if you dont get help soon a 28 day recovery program. will not be long enough for you. it will take a long turm recovery program this stuff is deadly it not only affects you but it affects your family members as well , How do I Know a family member of mine is a meth addict and if he doesnt get help soon he could die !! So Please Stop useing this drug it isnt worth dying for..

  37. dave says:

    yeah ive been doing meth for 20 years.I lost my job and went to treatment to get my job back.I got it back one year ago and i had a relaspe.I told my boss and he went to bat for me.I just had my 2nd relaspe and i addmitted it.And im gonna lose my job at 46 im fucked!DO NOT USE METH it isnt worth it

  38. Brian says:

    Mike Im sorry ,but your stupid as shit for saying that weed is ok because its a plant and god made it. Do you really know where some other drugs come from?? Heroin comes from poppy seeds cocaine comes from a plant as well. Just because it comes from a plant and god made it doesn’t mean its ok to do it. Weed might be the least harmful drug out of them all ,but I do believe it’s a gateway drug because it did that for me. After a while weed won’t do it for you anymore and you will become curious and want to try something else. Soo the best thing to do is to stay abstinent from all drugs.

  39. Amber says:

    I smoke meth with my friends whenever they are smoking it and i can honestly say that i am not addicted. coke is much much more addicting, by far…i had a drug test a few weeks ago for my job, so i stopped all drugs a month before the test and i passed. if you are wead and stupid then you get addicted to a drug, but if you are inteligent and realize that no matter what, you are the same, you can have fun and do drugs

  40. Cody says:

    I tried both meth and cocaine for the first time two months ago. Its a little hazy but overall i think i ended up snorting approximately four lines of each. At the time i didn’t think much affect was taking place, but in retrospect time was flying by and what was happening around me was a blur. The last line of meth I snorted was before a 2 hour drive at 10am the next day and it just flew by. Since trying it, the last day I’ve felt pretty weird, a little groggy, unable to sleep for the most part, slightly paranoid as to whether I’m displaying signs of using or not.
    The thing is I’ve dabbled in drugs before, and although it was immediately apparent that both the coke and meth are much more addictive than anything I’ve tried before, I’m still on the fence as to whether I would do it again or not. With the rhetoric floating around about most drugs its tough for me to make a hard stance against it, but the stories I hear from this site and so many others make a definite impression. I’m 19, a little mixed up and in a weird spot in my life, and hey, drugs help me cope and they open doors of thought and experience I haven’t tread before, but I don’t want to irreversibly fuck myself up. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated.

  41. Cody says:

    I tried it two days ago, not two months, sorry typo** ^^

  42. Matt says:

    Hey guys, meth is a very addictive drug. Ever since I tried it, I’ve been addicted. From doing it once to from doing it every day. I’ve been clean for about 4 months now and it’s a great feeling. Back when I was addicted, it destroyed many things. My family relationships and also my girlfriend. It breaks alot of bonds, since you have a more likely chance to lose your temper and that was me. I was uncontrollable. I do agree with “life’s too short, so you might as well try everything at least once” but meth isnt the answer. It isnt worth it. You gotta ask yourself, “Is it worth it? Your friends, family and the people you love? Would you throw all that just for meth”
    It’s a big thing if you are addicted and my advice is to seek help, from counsellor or parents, or even ask your local GP for advice. My story is alot similar to you, Rose. Almost the same. Unfortunately, for me I’m diagnosed with heart disease due to my old life. And it’s troubling to tell the ones you love you’ might pass on any second. So I advise everyone not to try it, even though you are intelligent (Refers to above post by Amber). One way or another you are addicted and that’s your excuse of informing everyone that you aren’t. Wake up – You think that it doesn’t change yourself but in due time it will. All it takes is one lie, then another one and another one. My advice is to be careful and it’s comes to your decision to make that choice.

  43. Kyle says:

    I was around people smoking meth and I didn’t use any. I have a drug test coming up. Should I be worried about the second hand smoke?

  44. nicole says:

    so im dating this girl who just got outta jail for crystal meth and she is in this rehab place for her addiction what should i expect for when she gets out of rehab since she will be living with me and i will be helping her so she does not do any drugs at all and what can i do to help her not relapse at all? also what can i expect

  45. haylee says:

    i smoked meth a week b4 i had to take a drug test && i still come up positive how is that possible??? && ive been useing 4 awhile now??

  46. Ashley says:

    I picked up meth with my fingers but i didnt do it but is it true it can enter your system? I had to take a drug test for a job the next day will it show up?

  47. cherry says:

    I am in a very bad situation. My youngest son just got out of prison, but he only served six weeks. His first time in adult jail. I took him into my home in order to help him. He is using meth again. He is also lying to me. He is also tweeking. he is on a twelve conditions by court. I fear him and I am in a predictiment. please help.

  48. mamatitaz says:

    dear cherry i am an addict and speaking from experience i have gotten clean and relapsed and gotten clean and relapsed again and what i tell u is going to be hard to hear but if u love your son then u need to give him a choice tell him and ur family that u guys will not support him or his habits anymore and that means he may not live at ur house eat or drink your food and drinks and may not call you guys for a ride or money that you guys will not help him in anyway and to please accept the gift of a rehabilitation center so that he may have a healthy non-paranoid life and make sure you all tell him how much you guys love and care about him and what changes you have seen in him and how they have affected you and the family i wish the best for u and ur son cherry and i am sorry to hear that this drug found a way to seep into your family you guys will be in my prayers…


    I can’t believe that you are encouraging people to use meth! I have used it a few times, am not addicted but I would never encourage anyone to do it. Are you that drugged up that you don’t realise that meth has LONG term effects like psychosis, parkinson, depression, anxiety, serious lung disease, strokes, heart attacks not to mention rashes (shab scabs)! You are obviously in denial, I’ve heard my boyfriend say things exactly like you (use in moderation, know your limits) bullsh*t! I can see him falling apart everyday and he doesn’t even know it! I hope you know that meth has permanent damage to dopamine and serotonin levels, that means your family, friends, partners, children and your childrens children won’t mean shit to you because you won’t have any receptors to react to births, deaths, marriages etc!! You will have no heart and unfortunately for you dorothy won’t be able to go to oz and get a new one for you! I hope you have a massive wake up call!

  50. Tammy says:

    I did a line of meth Sunday night and then one more Monday afternoon. Today is Thursday. I have been drinking fluids and my urine looks pretty clear but I have a drug test soon. I haven’t done this in over a year. How long would it take to be out of my system? I could not go through the embarrasment of failing a drug test. Should I buy a cleanser?