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Cholesterol Test - Full Lipid Panel with Glucose

  • Total cholesterol, HDL, LDL & triglycerides - a full lipid panel without going to the doctor
  • Accurate results from a CLIA certified laboratory
  • Easy to use home blood collection kit
  • Total turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks.
  • Not for sale in New York or Maryland
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Cholesterol Panel

The Cholesterol Panel is a home cholesterol test with results from a certified CLIA laboratory.  This test allows an individual to receive a full laboratory report with cholesterol levels from the comfort and privacy of their home.

A Cholesterol Panel provides a full lipid profile - that is, total blood cholesterol, HDL levels and LDL levels and triglyceride levels.  HDL is often called "good cholesterol" because its thought to actually remove excess cholesterol from atherosclerotic plaques. LDL is often referred to as "bad cholesterol" because it can slowly build up within the walls of the arteries.

Over 100 million Americans have elevated cholesterol levels; many of these are unaware of their diagnostic levels and that they are at risk for heart disease. By using the home cholesterol test kit, you can now conveniently understand your diagnostic levels and risk for cholesterol related heart disease.

Use your test results to determine your health risk status. If your results indicate high risk for heart disease, we encourage you to take action to see a Doctor and discuss lifestyle and health changes.

Cholesterol and other fats can't dissolve in blood. They have to be carried into and out of the cells by special carriers of lipids and proteins called lipoproteins.  The two major lipoproteins, and the ones to be most concerned about, are high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL).

Knowing the total blood cholesterol level, together with the levels of HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, is an important first step in determining risk for heart disease. Just because someone doesn't currently have any signs of heart disease, doesn't mean they aren't at risk.

A laboratory analysis will measure the amount of total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol present in a micro blood sample.

This combination blood lipid panel is the most complete cholesterol testing method available. This laboratory service provides the same clinical results that can be obtained from a local laboratory, but without the inconvenience of keeping an appointment and the need to draw blood from the arm. The process is very quick and virtually painless.

A special finger lancet is supplied in the cholesterol test kit. With it, four drops of blood are taken from a micro-nick of the finger, placed in a special collection well to dry, inserted into the special mailer provided, and then sent to a CLIA certified laboratory for analysis.

Allow 5-7 days for delivery of your sample to the lab and an additional 7-10 days for processing. You will receive an email when your results are available online at Total turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks.

Find more information about home cholesterol tests on our blog.

For an accurate home cholesterol panel, you must fast at least 9 and preferably 12 hours before the test.

Read complete test instructions Home Cholesterol Test Instructions

View a sample lab report Cholesterol Test Lab Results

1. Fast for at least 9 hours and preferably 12 hours before beginning test

2. Print name and date on the AdvanceDx100 sample card

3.  Wash hands with warm water and dry thoroughly

4. Twist off yellow tip from lancet and hold lancet steady, press down until it clicks then release

5. Drip blood from fingertip to fill the box on collection card - about 4 drops

6. Allow collection card to air dry for 30 minutes

7.  After card is dry, tear open blood sample return bag and insert card and seal.  DO NOT remove the desiccant from the blood sample return bag.

8.  Fill out the Requisition/Consent Form and make sure you note the name, date of birth and phone number that you put on the form, you will need that EXACT information in order to get your test results. Place form and the sealed blood sample return bag and place in preaddressed, prepaid mailing envelope

how to get your blood test results

9.  Allow 5-7 days for delivery of your sample to the lab and an additional 7-10 days for processing. You will receive an email when your results are available online at on If you are unable to retrieve your test results, you must call the lab directly at 847-537-9600 between 9am-4pm CST.


Q: Can I have my results sent to my doctor's or business' address instead of my home address?

A: Yes, results can be sent to your doctor's office, or to your business, or to your wellness clinic. Only one mailing is included in the price of the kit, if required duplicate copies must be self-produced.

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