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Cocaine Crack Substance Test

  • Test any substance for Cocaine, Crack, PCP or Methadone
  • Immediate and reliable results
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Can test for illicit drug residues in quantities of as little as 1 microgram per square millimeter. You can also test ashes from an ashtray or pipe.
  • Package includes two test papers, but both must be used once the ampule is broken
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The Cocaine Substance Test allows you to accurately identify drugs and drug residue on any surface quickly and easily. The Coca Pen Test detects the presence of cocaine, crack, PCP or methadone in any substance or even a residue left on a surface. A Substance Test allows you to instantly identify suspicious substances in the privacy of your own home.

Simple to use, safe, accurate and providing results in seconds, the drug identification test is an ideal solution for home, school and work environments.


Each one-time use test kit consists of two collection papers and one pen ampoule with the testing fluid inside. You can test two substances or one substance and also a surface, however, you have to complete both tests once you squeeze the plastic tube which breaks the inside ampoule and releases the testing fluid.

This test will show positive if the substance you are testing contains cocaine, crack, PCP or methadone.

Please note: The Cocaine Substance Test - Coca Test is a substance identification test that identifies drugs and drug residue on any surface - not a urinary drug test.

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