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Hair Drug Test

Hair drug testing is a very effective way to learn a great deal about someone's drug use history. Each hair drug test we sell tests for multiple drugs at once and can give you an up to 90 day drug abuse history. Our line includes a kit that can hold up in court and a kit that will detect prescription drug abuse, along with our standard 7 drug hair test models.

We encourage you to contact us by phone or through our LiveChat if you have any questions. You can also check out our Ultimate Hair Drug Test FAQ, or a sample Hairconfirm report.

How It Works - Testing the Hair Follicle

Every hair drug test we sell works on the same principle and uses the same process to find drugs in the hair. Blood nourishes the hair as it grows. If drugs are in the blood, they will reach the hair along with the blood and be embedded in the hair shaft. It takes about a week after drug use for the drug affected hair to grow above the scalp.

For the hair sample you provide to be accurate, it needs to include at least 100-120 strands of hair, cut as closely from the scalp as possible. The hair must be at least a half inch (0.5 in) long as well. This half inch will give you a 30 day drug use history, as hair grows about a half inch a month. If you provide at least an inch and a half of head hair, the lab will provide a 90 day drug history. (A 90 day drug history is particularly good for a drug that is as addictive and frequently used as methamphetamine, as we cover in our recent article "3 Reasons Why You Should Never Try Meth"). Taking hair from a hairbrush is not recommended, nor are test results guaranteed when such a sample is submitted, as the hair from the brush may not all be from the same person.

Laboratory Analysis

All the hair test kits we sell include shipping to a qualified laboratory for analysis. The lab melts the hair and measures the drug molecules embedded in the hair shaft. If the sample tests positive for drugs, a second confirmatory test is performed that uses gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) to eliminate false positives.

A Drug Test That's Easy to Use

For any of the hair drug tests we sell, the manner of collecting the hair is the same. Collect at least 100-120 strands of hair, more than that if the hair is fine. This amount of hair is about a half inch or more wide. You can collect the hair from different places on the scalp if need be. Once cut, you put the hair in a Collection Foil and the hair should be equal to the diameter of a soda straw or a pencil when it is in the Collection Foil. Be sure to keep the root ends of the hair aligned when they are placed in the Collection Foil. Put your Foil in the included envelope and ship it out (postage IS included) to the laboratory for analysis.

The Differences Between the Tests

What are the differences between the tests we sell? The manner of the results delivery, the time it takes the lab to process the results, and whether they accept body hair. The HairConfirm tests accept the submission of body hair. If you are interested in collecting body hair, please read the individual HairConfirm product pages for more information. To see the other differences compared, please check out our convenient Hair Drug Test Side by Side Comparison Chart.

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