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5 Panel Saliva Drug Test | Oral Fluid Drug Test

Tests for 5 drugs: Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Methamphetamines, Amphetamines

  • Easy specimen collection with drug test results in 10 minutes
  • Saliva testing can detect drug use in the last 1-48 hours (detection period varies by drug)
  • Saliva indicator for sufficient sample collection
  • Approved for Employment and Insurance Testing
  • Excellent Shelf Life - Current inventory expires 09/12/2024 or later
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The mouth swab drug test is also the easiest to use and witness the collection of the specimen which makes it popular in workplace drug testing since you don't have to worry with handling urine or cutting hair. The donor can be observed with the mouth swab in their mouth which prevents adulteration or cheating on the test - it takes about 3 minutes to collect enough saliva. When enough saliva has been collected, color will show in the detection window. The collection swab is then inserted in the test cube and the lid closed, wait 10 minutes and the drug test results are visible on the side of the test cube.

 The 10 Panel Oral Swab Drug Test will test for the following drugs at these levels:

Drug Cut-off
Marijuana 40 ng/mL
Cocaine 20 ng/mL
Opiates 40 ng/mL
Methamphetamine 50 ng/mL
Amphetamine 50 ng/mL

Saliva Drug Tests have the quickest detection window of any drug test. Drugs can be detected in saliva within hours of use, but only remain detectable for 24-72 hours depending on the drug. Unlike other drug tests that take longer to detect recent use, the oral fluid drug test is the only test that tells you if someone is currently under the influence of a drug or used very recently.

Saliva Drug Test Detection Times

Drug Appears Within Disappears After
Marijuana 5-10 min 6-24 hours
Cocaine 5-10 min 1-3 days
Opiates 5-10 min 1-2 days
Methamphetamine 5-10 min 1-3 days
Amphetamine 5-10 min 1-3 Days

Marijuana Saliva Test Window

Marijuana performs different than most drugs on all drug tests. On a saliva test, THC is detectable in oral fluid within 5-10 minutes after use primarily due to the direct exposure of the drug to the mouth which remains in the oral cavity and fluids. However, it is typically only detectable in saliva for about 6-24 hours after use. Using a saliva drug test for marijuana testing will tell you if the person has used the drug in the last few hours, but not if they used marijuana 2 days ago.

Marijuana Testing in the Workplace

Drug testing for marijuana is becoming complex in states with legalized marijuana, however, operating a safe and drug free workplace is still a concern for employers. The saliva test short detection window for marijuana allows an employer to test for use within the workday such as on breaks or lunch during a scheduled work time. Unlike a urine test that could show positive for 3-30 days after the last use, the saliva test will not detect marijuana use after about 6-12 hours and most importantly in the workplace, you can detect use within the last 10 minutes. It is becoming less important to test for what your employees did on the weekend, but it is still important to operate a safe workplace with employees not under the influence of a marijuana.

saliva drug test instructions1.  Instruct donor to not place anything in the mouth (food, drink, gum, tobacco etc) for 10 minutes prior to collection.

2.  Remove the collector from the sealed pouch, have donor sweep inside of mouth (cheek, gum, tongue) several times, then hold swab in mouth until color on saturation indicator strip appears in the indicator window. Do not bite, suck or chew on the sponge.

3.  Place the test device on a clean flat surface. Remove the collection sponge from mouth and insert the screening device gently and slowly until it touches the bottom of the saliva cup, pushing the cap until it locks in place in the cup.

4. Keep upright while test is running. Peel off the labels to view results. Read the results at 10 minutes.

Q: I've heard that a saliva drug test is not as effective at testing marijuana as it is at testing other drugs. Is this true?

A: No, this actually is not true. Although when saliva drug tests were originally introduced they did not test for marijuana as well as drugs like cocaine, for example, the technology is now sufficiently advanced and marijuana's presence in saliva well understood enough to establish that a saliva drug test can test for marijuana use with 97-98% accuracy. The important thing to realize is that in saliva, marijuana has a shorter window of detection than other drugs tested for by this product. Marijuana can be detected by a saliva drug test at 97-98% accuracy between 1 and 12 hours after use. Other drugs stay in saliva longer at that extremely high accuracy level (97-99%) , marijuana does not. So this is a perfect test for detecting extremely recent use or if someone is still high on marijuana. With other drugs as you may note the window of detection is longer.