Will A Shotgun of Marijuana Show Up On A Drug Test / Screen?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about “shotgun” hits of marijuana.  People want to know if they will show up on a drug test.  The short answer is yes.

A potted pot plant.

A marijuana plant.

First, what are shotgun hits of marijuana?  A shotgun is when you inhale marijuana and then exhale it into someone else’s mouth.  If you are the one taking the second inhale, or in other words the person inhaling from someone else’s mouth, you are the one receiving the shotgun.

So you might wonder, “okay, I didn’t directly take a hit.  Maybe it won’t show up on the test.”  Or, “Maybe it’s like second hand smoke.”  But…

Actually taking a shotgun hit is like taking a very concentrated hit – it’s comparable to taking a bong hit as opposed to smoking a joint.  It’s reviahome very potent and contains a lot of THC.  Second hand smoke is just ambient – the THC dissipates into the air rapidly.  That’s why second hand smoke doesn’t appear on a marijuana drug test.

Regardless of whether you are inhaling from a joint, paraphernalia, or someone else’s mouth, if you are intentionally inhaling marijuana smoke and/or getting high, you are probably going to show up on a urine drug screen for marijuana.

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  1. Jordan says:

    I dubunked this myth myself, it will not show-up in a drug test. You could take alot of shotguns and yup, does not show!