New Infographic from Home Health Testing: Teenage Drug Trends 2011

We’ve been working hard for the last month and a half on this project, and we are finally ready to reveal our first infographic! Take a look – Drug Use in Today’s Classroom! Do you see anything that surprises you?

Teen Drug Use infographic

You can also check out the infographic in a larger size (both sizes are embeddable) over here at our Teen Drug Use infographic page.

The data was compiled from the 2010 Monitoring the Future study, which has examined trends in high schools since 1975.  The study follows participants from 8th grade through young adulthood.  We tried to present the statistics we saw as the most important, along with the facts singled out by Monitoring the Future, in this infographic.  We are very grateful to Principal Investigator Lloyd D. Johnston, Ph.D. for giving us permission to use the data and for Monitoring the Future for providing such excellent data every year.

Let us know what you think about the graphic!  What surprised you and what didn’t?  Do you have any questions or want to know the source for each fact?  Need to know how to embed the graphic on your site?  Leave a comment below or email us at cs at and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


  1. Home Health Testing Teenage Drug Trends 2011. Wow nice research… home health testing is for teenage people.. Thanks for sharing this…

  2. Gerry says:

    Ola! Homehealthtesting,
    Thanks for that, Prescription drug abuse is really prevalent in the Unites States with a huge multitude of more youthful school young children resorting to these types of medicines to attain their highs. It is the 2nd most commonly abused classification of medicines subsequent to marijuana as estimated by the Office environment of Countrywide Drug Regulate Coverage. It is estimated by The National Institutes of Wellbeing that about one particular in every five individuals in the US have utilized drug treatments that call for a prescription for non-health care motives at some position in time.

  3. Martin Foster says:

    Is this info graph available in print, how much, and where can I purchase it?

  4. admin says:

    We do not offer a printed version of the infographic, but you can print it from our website
    You are welcome to print it and post it in your classroom or office.

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