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Glucose Test

  • Measures your blood glucose level for non-diabetics
  • A simple, 3 minute test you can perform in your home
  • Clinically demonstrated to be 98.9% accurate
  • FDA Approved

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The Chemcard™ Glucose Test is an easy to use home screening test to identify high glucose or blood sugar levels. This inexpensive home glucose test has been shown to be 94 to 99.95 percent accurate in identifying glucose levels. Having an abnormally high fasting plasma glucose level or blood sugar level is often a warning sign of diabetes. The Chemcard test is FDA approved and only takes 3 minutes to determine your fasting plasma glucose level.

Most other glucose testing methods are designed to be used for monitoring known diabetics. However, the Chemcard Glucose test is a screening tool to help people who are not known diabetics identify the disease before symptoms begin. Early detection of blood sugar problems or diabetes allows for prompt treatment and often helps reduce the severity and complications that can be associated with chronic diabetic hyperglycemia.

Diabetes Tests are important tools in controlling diabetes mellitus. A significant portion of the adult population in the US between the ages of 20 and 74 suffers from undiagnosed diabetes mellitus. Diagnosis often occurs after the onset of severe and often irreversible complications. Diabetes Tests can help you identify diabetes mellitus before it progresses.

Diabetes can affect every organ system in the body, and is the leading cause of preventable blindness, lower extremity amputation, and end-stage renal disease. Persons with diabetes are also at an increased risk for hypertension, stroke and heart disease.

The American Diabetes Association recommends that all adults over the age of 45 receive a glucose test annually. Among those most at risk are overweight people over 40 who do not exercise, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and those with a family history of diabetes. We offer 2 types of diabetes glucose tests to meet your needs:

  • The Chemcard Glucose test - recommended for nondiabetics to measure the glucose level of your blood to make sure that you are not at risk.
  • The Hemoglobin A1c test - recommended for known diabetics to help make sure that your diabetes is under control.

The Chemcard Glucose Test

The Chemcard Glucose Test is a rapid, quantitative test which is effective in screening for abnormal glucose (sugar) concentrations in blood ranging from 50mg/dl to 150mg/dl in increments of 25mg/dl. This test can identify individuals with abnormal blood glucose levels which is often associated with diabetes or other carbohydrate metabolic disorders.

home glucose test instructions

As recommended by the ADA, Chemcard™ Glucose measures plasma glucose level after a minimum fasting period of 8 hours. The test device is in the form of a card about the size of a business card. A sterile disposable lancet is used to obtain a single drop of blood which is placed onto the "Test Area". After three minutes, the top layer of the card is peeled off and the results obtained by matching the color of the test area with a sliding color chart. Upon matching colors, the test card is turned over and the result appears on the back side of the test card.

Test Results

Consistent with the ADA screening criteria, Chemcard™ results of 125 mg/dl (6.9 mmol/l) or higher are considered abnormally high.

Results of 100 mg/dl (5.6 mmol/l) or less are considered normal.

All abnormal results should be referred to a physician for follow-up diagnosis.