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Employee Drug Testing

For many employers drug testing is an important and worthwhile investment in productivity and worker safety. If you haven't thought of drug testing before, here are a few reasons to consider it. When you compare drug users to non-drug users you find that

  • Absenteeism rises by 66%
  • Health benefit utilization rises by 300%
  • Disciplinary action rises by 90%
  • Turnover is significantly higher (see the U.S. Small Business Administration for more stats)

Drug testing saves money and promotes an efficient and healthier workplace. Of course, drug testing costs money as well. Implementing a drug policy that is good for the bottom line as well is important for employers, which is why point-of-collection testing is so important.

The easiest to use and most popular drug test for the workplace is the iCup. Our chart helps you compare iCup Drug Tests

What Is Point-Of-Collection Drug Testing?

Point-of-collection testing is drug testing that can be done on-site. That means that the results will be rapid, no laboratories are required (in the case of urine testing), and a Medical Review Officer (MRO) is not needed. This kind of testing is allowed in most states without restrictions, and is particularly ideal considering that most tests will come back as negative for drug use. This means you would only have to bring in an MRO and a laboratory to confirm the test result when the test was non-negative for drug use. And that's a big money saver.

Point-of-collection employee drug testing is a continuously growing trend. Consider incorporating it into your drug testing policy today.