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Saliva Drug Test

  • Tests for 6 major drugs: Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Methamphetamines, Amphetamines, PCP
  • 97-98% accurate
  • Ultra-sensitive - can detect if someone is currently high on drugs
  • For Forensic Use Only- Not for Home Use

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Saliva Drug Test

Want to know if someone is currently high? Or if someone has used drugs in the past day? A saliva drug test is a rapid, convenient, and simple to use  test that can answer these questions for you. A saliva drug test is the only test available that can tell you if a person is currently high - and it only takes 10 minutes to do so.

Amazingly enough, a saliva drug test can tell you if someone has used drugs as recently as 5-10 minutes ago. Cocaine, amphetamine, and methamphetamine are among the drugs that can be detected 5-10 minutes after use.  A saliva drug test is non-invasive and can be performed anywhere. It can be performed publicly, eliminating the risk of tampering.

Saliva drug tests are also extremely sensitive. The cut-off levels are smaller than a urine drug test's, meaning that a saliva test can detect smaller amounts of a particular drug than a urine test can.

The 6 Panel Saliva Drug test will test for the following drugs:

THC (marijuana, pot, grass, weed, hash, Mary Jane, dope):

(this test tells you if marijuana has been used as soon as an hour after use and for up to 12 hrs after use)

Cocaine (coke, crack, blow, nose candy, snowball, tornado):

(this test tells you if cocaine has been used as soon as 10 minutes after use and up for 24 hrs after use)

Opiates (heroin, morphine, opium, smack, thunder, hell dust):

(this test tells you if one of these opiates has been used as soon as an hour after use, and up to 7-21 hours after use)

Amphetamines (Dexedrine, speed, uppers):

(this test tells you if amphetamines have been used as soon as 10 minutes after use and up for 72 hrs after use)

Methamphetamines (meth, crank, ice, chalk, black beauties, crystal meth):

(this test tells you if methamphetamine has been used as soon as 10 minutes after use and up for 72 hrs after use)

PCP-Phencyclidine (angel dust):

(this test tells you if PCP has been used up to 1 to 3 days ago)


1.  Instruct donor to not place anything in the mouth (food, drink, gum, etc) for 10 minutes prior to collection.

2.  Remove the saliva collector from sealed pouch and insert sponge end into mouth.

3.  Actively swab the inside of the mouth and top of the tongue for 3 minutes.  Sponge should be completely saturated with no hard spots detected.

4. Insert collector into device and turn clockwise to lock into chamber and wait one minute.

5.  Rotate collection chamber 90 degrees counterclockwise and then wait nine minutes to read results.

For further instructions, use our  One Page Instruction  or  Detailed Instructions

Q: I've heard that a saliva drug test is not as effective at testing marijuana as it is at testing other drugs. Is this true?

A: No, this actually is not true. Although when saliva drug tests were originally introduced they did not test for marijuana as well as drugs like cocaine, for example, the technology is now sufficiently advanced and marijuana's presence in saliva well understood enough to establish that a saliva drug test can test for marijuana use with 97-98% accuracy. The important thing to realize is that in saliva, marijuana has a shorter window of detection than other drugs tested for by this product. Marijuana can be detected by a saliva drug test at 97-98% accuracy between 1 and 12 hours after use. Other drugs stay in saliva longer at that extremely high accuracy level (97-99%) , marijuana does not. So this is a perfect test for detecting extremely recent use or if someone is still high on marijuana. With other drugs as you may note the window of detection is longer.