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4 Panel iCup Drug Test I-DUA-147-012

  • Tests for 4 drugs Marijuana / Cocaine / Opiates / Methamphetamines
  • FDA Cleared
  • Cup includes built in adulteration strip to test the urine to see if it was altered or diluted
  • 99% Accurate
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The 4 Panel iCup Drug Test tests for exactly the same drugs as the 4 Panel Drug Test Strip. It does have a few extra features that make it unique and attractive if you are worried someone might be tampering with their sample.

The unique features of the 4 Panel iCup include specimen validity testing, the ability to photocopy results, and an attached cup that allows you to test someone without being exposed to their urine. All the person taking the test needs to do is cap the cup when they are done with the sample. This is particularly appealing for business owners and clinics.

While being able to make a copy of results may be an added perk for business owners, perhaps the most useful added feature of the 4 Panel iCup is its ability to determine whether urine has been altered in any number of ways. By comparing the color on the test pads on the side of the cup you will be able to validate the pH, Oxidants and Specific Gravity of the urine sample. This urine cup also has a built in temperature strip to verify that the urine provided is fresh and not someone else’s specimen collected earlier. This does not cover all possible ways to tamper with a test but it does cover many common ones. For example, users of UrineLuck, a popular adulteration product, can be detected with this test.

More on the major features of the 4 Panel iCup:

Adulteration Strip - Worried that someone is going to try to cheat your drug test? Choosing a drug test with an adulteration strip included is a great way to stop some common cheating techniques. For example, if someone dilutes their urine, their specific gravity reading will show that. If someone is using a detox agent like UrineLuck, the oxidant box on the adulteration strip will show that. There is also a temperature strip included which will indicate if the urine is fresh.

Cup Included - No need to worry about taking a sample with this test. The included cup is capped and sealed by the donor, so the person conducting the test doesn’t have to get hands-on with the urine sample. This also eliminates the need to buy a cup separately (our test strips can be used with any clean, dry container).

Photocopy results for your records - Schools, clinics, and businesses may be interested in photocopying results for future reference. The 4 Panel iCup is designed to permit easy photocopying.

 The 4 Panel iCup Drug Test will test for the following drugs at these levels:

Drug Cut-off
Marijuana 50 ng/mL
Cocaine 300 ng/mL
Opiates 2000 ng/mL
Methamphetamine 1000 ng/mL

The iCup 4 Panel Drug test will test for the following drugs:

THC (marijuana, pot, grass, weed, hash, Mary Jane, dope)

Cocaine (coke, crack, blow, nose candy, snowball, tornado)

Opiates (heroin, morphine, opium, smack, thunder, hell dust)

Methamphetamines (meth, crank, ice, chalk, black beauties, crystal meth)

icup drug test instructions

1.  Donor provides urine specimen in cup and replaces lid on cup

2.  Temperature strip is read within 2-4 minutes to verify it is between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit

3.  Peel off label to reveal drug test strips and compare the color chart on the adulteration pads within 2-5 minutes.

4.  Read drug test results at 5 minutes.





Q:  Is it possible to cheat the iCup drug screen by substituting or tampering with the specimen?
No. The iCup® A.D. contains a specimen validity test or SVT strip that verifies the validity of a specimen. The SVT strip checks for oxidants, specific gravity and pH in the specimen.  For example, if someone tries to substitute water for urine, the specific gravity indicator will show an abnormal reading.

Q:  What is the normal temperature range for a "fresh" urine sample?
A range between 90-100 degrees, Fahrenheit indicates the proper temperature for a urine sample.

Q:  What types of liquids are used to try to alter or tamper with a urine sample?
Household substances and other chemicals such as chlorine bleach, liquid drain cleaner, white vinegar, glutaraldehyde, sodium nitrite, and pyridinium chlorochromate. There are also commercially marketed substances that advertise they can detox urine.

Q:  Is this urine drug test FDA cleared?
All of our urine drug tests have an FDA 510k clearance.

Q:  Does the urine test need to be disposed of in a special way like a biohazard bag?
Urine and oral drug screens do not pose a biohazard risk and can be disposed of in regular waste receptacles.

Q:  Does this test need special storage or refrigeration?
All drug test devices can be stored at room temperature up to the date of expiration printed on the individual foil pouch. They cannot be stored in extreme heat or cold and must remain sealed in the foil pouch until use.

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